Our mission

We empower students worldwide with accessible skill-building and career exploration opportunities to build a sustainable and diverse workforce for the future.

Our Vision

A world where every student has an equal chance to explore their career aspirations, irrespective of their location or economic background, by looking beyond a student’s resume and recognizing their unique qualities.

Our Approach

Unlocking Insights Into a Student's Potential

  • Skill and Career Exploration for Students

    Exposing students to new career pathways, especially those from non-top-tier schools and low-income communities.

  • Qualifying Students Beyond a Resume

    Recommend and match companies using critical insights into students' attributes and skills that fit unique roles.

  • A Better Workforce
    of the Future

    Helping companies attract better diverse talent pipelines and enhance their ability to match talent with a better culture fit.

Origin Story

Meet Emmanuel Noel, Skilbi's founder, a first-gen immigrant social entrepreneur. After fleeing his native Cameroon due to a civil crisis, and facing career-launching challenges as an MBA student in the US, Emmanuel dedicated himself to developing ed-tech tools that have now impacted over 250,000 students across 60+ countries.

Driven by his unique insights into the issues companies face when evaluating students from unfamiliar pipelines, Emmanuel's vision for Skilbi is to create a world where companies can discover exceptional talent beyond resumes and truly appreciate the qualities that make a student the perfect fit for their organization.

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